Ruby + Brendan--Winter Wedding.

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How do I dare describe this weekend? It was beautiful, it was crazy, it was cold, but it was fantastic! It was nothing we planned for, and it all worked out perfectly... Ruby and Brendan put their trust in me and two of Reno's finest (Jenny O. @ Jensen & Co. and Sandy Rose Naughton @ Petal to the Metal Reno) to whip up their wedding day with no restrictions. It was free rein all the way, and non-traditional matrimony at it's finest!

I have always wanted to stylized wedding. It's a common thing for photographer to do--it allows them to collaborate with other local professionals and showcase their talents. Reno has some amazing creatives in the area and what better way to work with them than on a beautiful wedding? Like all creatives, I've had my share of wedding inspiration pictures pinned on Pinterest and I noticed how similar they all looked. It was the same smiley blond in her couture lace gown with the tall dark and handsome husband IN. EVERY. PICTURE. I understand the appeal, but c'mon people is that real? Where's the diversity? Where are the black brides, the Hispanic brides, the curvy brides, the tattooed brides, the 40+ brides? They're out there, yes, but not as common as Cinderella and Prince Charming and to be honest, it's kind of boring! It's kind of disappointing actually...

I work with Ruby and she's kind of a bad ass. Not only is she once of the most real chicks I've come across working at Costco, but she's not "too good" either. She's a very "what you see is what you get" kind of girl, and I have the utmost respect for people with that kind of attitude. When I learned that Ruby was pregnant, I instantly threw down the "I'M TAKING YOUR MATERNITY PICTURES" card. End of story. I didn't even give her a chance to decide whether or not she liked my photography style or even if she wanted maternity pictures for that matter--hell, I don't even think she knew I did photography at the time. It was happening whether she knew it or not! When her belly started getting bigger and she started talking about maternity pictures my mind took off! Oh the possibilitiesss!!!!! And then before I knew it, I planned a wedding.... Well, how did THAT happen?! It really comes down to simple math...

1 ever-growing pregnant woman + 1 patiently waiting fiance + 1 wildly spontaneous photographer = overnight wedding.

BOOM. That's how it happened. Ok, so it wasn't overnight, it was about a weeks worth of planning. We kicked around some ideas, went shopping, I made some calls, and then before ya know it, Ruby and Brendan are standing on a dock at Donner Lake in some of the heaviest downpour we've seen in this area in years. As the clouds got darker, the more wet they got, but they didn't complain once. It was obvious they were taking the moment in, maybe finally realizing that they were ACTUALLY getting married and it wasn't just a set up for some pretty pictures. Though we did get some pretty awesome pictures-even though we had to call the shoot & go back up the mountain the next day ;)

Thank you to my amazing team (Jenny, Sandy, and RUBY) for being so flexible, so willing, and so inspiring. It's one of my favorite things in the entire world when a group of awesome people can work together and create magic. You ladies rock, and Ruby, you were just downright easygoing. I think we pulled of something memorable!




From start to finish, Ruby + Brendan.....

Hair and makeup AND officiated by the talented Jenny O. @ Jensen & Co. She sings too, people!

Flowers by the AMAZING and AMAZINGLY FAST Sandy Rose Naughton @ Petal to the Metal Reno

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These photos are amazing. Beautiful!
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